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Government Of Assam Health & Family Welfare Directorate of Health Service [Family Welfare]


  • ·         PC PNDT Act, 1994 (Pre-conception & Prenatal Diagnostic Technique Act):

    The Director of Health Services (FW), Assam is mandated to implement the PC PNDT Act. The Director of Health Services is the State Appropriate Authority to implement the PC PNDT Act. All USG Clinics / Hospitals are required to be registered by the District Appropriate Authority under DHS (FW), Assam under this Act. The State PNDT Cell under the O/O the Directorate of Health Services (FW), Assam, and District PNDT Cell under the establishment of all District Appropriate Authorities is formulated for the proper implementation of PC & PNDT Act, In the State of Assam.

    PC & PNDT​
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